Catherine W Real PA and Courtwatch

As an active member of her community, Catherine W Real PA has always been passionate about advocacy and raising awareness about the judicial system in the state of Florida. Catherine W Real PA has actively participated in many public service organizations that target the public on subjects such as court education. Catherine W Real PA has worked with the National Conference for Community and Justice, as well as the Hyde Park Rotary Club and The Spring – a state certified abuse shelter. Catherine W Real PA’s passion for spreading awareness is evident through her public service commitment and work.

Catherine W Real PA is the founder of two very important non-profit organizations that work to educate the public on educating themselves on Florida court systems. Catherine W Real PA founded the non-profit Courtwatch in an effort to raise awareness. Courtwatch’s mission is to provide opportunities for the average citizen to observe how domestic violence cases and criminal and civil cases are handled in the courtrooms. Catherine W Real PA hopes that this will provide feedback for the courts, prosecutors, and attorneys defending those accused.

Catherine W Real PA hopes to sensitize the public on issues such as domestic violence, especially how it impacts and affects children. By doing so, Catherine W Real PA wishes to raise the awareness of how these cases are handled in the court, inspiring more people in the community to become actively engaged in voting for their judges who serve the public.

Catherine W Real PA has also founded the non-profit Citizens for Better Courts, whose goal is to aid in the education of the public on court proceedings. By raising awareness, Catherine W Real PA believes the public can become more involved in their state’s judicial system and provide a larger impact on the public issues.


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