Catherine W Real PA and Citizens for Better Courts

Catherine W Real PA’s achievements and accomplishments in family law in the state of Florida have been recognized by many in the business. Catherine W Real PA is highly recognized and respected for her outstanding work in law. But in addition to her passion for family law, Catherine W Real PA has always been passionate about public service and giving back to the community. Catherine W Real PA has been a member of many non-profit associations that allow her to become more engaged in the community through advocacy and social awareness campaigns on public education about the Florida court system.

With her passion for advocacy, Catherine W Real PA became the founder of two important non-profit agencies. Catherine W Real PA first founded the organization known as Citizens for Better Courts. This foundation’s mission is to promote and increase awareness of the performance of the courts in Florida’s Tampa Bay area. Catherine W Real PA believes that by educating the public on the court system, they can improve the court system through an engaged voting public. Catherine W Real PA continues to lead this organization today.

Catherine W Real PA has also founded the non-profit Courtwatch. This foundation’s goal is to provide the public opportunities to observe how domestic violence, criminal, and civil cases are handled in the Florida courtrooms. By doing so, Catherine W Real PA hopes to engage the average citizen in giving feedback to the courts, prosecutors, and attorneys to improve the court system. Catherine W Real PA believes that public engagement in the court system will reap more efficient proceedings and increase just rulings.

Catherine W Real PA was also a member of the National Conference for Community and Justice. This organization recognized Catherine W Real PA with the Certification of Appreciation for her work in advocacy and civic engagement.


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